What Is The Importance Of Research Methodology In Genealogy?

The main question which is not given the required emphasis nowadays is how can you research your family tree? Ignorance is the main reason behind obtaining fake information.

What research methodology do you follow? If you are blindly searching and not getting desired results than who should you blame? Is no one other than you, right? If you are looking forward to the right information and techniques you are in the right place. Today we will discuss this topic in detail.

Focus On Understanding The Sources

For efficient research, you must have a proper understanding of sources. What sources should you invest your time in for obtaining reliable information? Moreover, genealogical companies like ancestry are not totally reliable.

However, this simply means that the information you obtained needs further verification. Do not trust blindly on the sources and try to reach to the bottom. Firstly, begin with the collection of information.

Everything that you can collect from old files, folders, and people. Once you are done with collection go ahead and write it down. Try your best to write all the known family history.

Additionally. this will help you with a proper insight into your family happenings in the past. Do not jump to conclusions and stay to particular information until you are well versed with all the facts.

What Is The Importance Of Research Methodology In Genealogy?
What Is The Importance Of Research Methodology In Genealogy?

Investigate At Your Own House First

A commonly made mistake by people is that they run to the outside sources immediately. But you need to stop and realize you cannot acquire more information from outside than your own home.

Once you are done with collection at home then refer to other sources like a library, courthouses, churches, etc. Another notable point is to write about the location where you obtained a piece of particular information.

Proper Analysis Is Essential (Research Methodology)

You need to understand that as a researcher you will be facing a bunch of information. Make sure you analyze it properly before writing it down. The main reason why people end up preparing the wrong family tree is that they are quick in writing rather than analyzing first.

Moreover, chances are pretty good that the information you receive is moulded. This means that someone might have moulded the actual information in order to hide important facts. But through proper analysis, you can reach to the core and make sure you obtain reliable information.

Always keep one thing in mind that determination leads to success. If someone from your family provides you with a piece of particular information then you need to focus on some important questions.

Was the person present at the happening of that event? Sometimes relatives are the ones who hide facts which is why proper questioning is essential.

Moreover, during your research make sure you write the maiden names in the family tree. Leave the column blank if maiden name is not available.

What Is The Importance Of Research Methodology In Genealogy?
What Is The Importance Of Research Methodology In Genealogy?

The Bottom Line (Research Methodology)

These were some of the main things you need to keep in mind. A research methodology is of utmost importance. Before beginning with your research you need to make sure you are clear about what information you want to acquire.

Prepare a list of questions for your family members before enquiring. Preparing a family tree and understanding the relations is a critical task. But once you start you will eventually link the points together and get the desired result.

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