What Is The Importance Of Death Certificate In Family Research?

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Do you know about the information you can obtain from a death certificate for family research? While focusing on your family history there are some important facts that we often overlook in the records.

In earlier times, people used to struggle a lot in order to acquire a death certificate. With growing technology, it is much easier to obtain information.

If you are looking out for a death certificate there are various online platforms that can help you out. These platforms include social security death index search, deceased online, free BMD, find my past, ancestry, etc.

What Information Can I Expect To Find?

The next important question is what information will you find on a death certificate.

  • You will find the place and time of the deceased person.
  • Full name of the person
  • Gender of the person
  • The age when he died
  • Occupation of the deceased
  • The main reason for death
  • Total information regarding the place he lived

Another notable point is the reliability depends upon the source it is obtained from. There are chances of intelligent guesses in case of age. It is very important to acquire information regarding the person who informed about the death.

Moreover, it can be any known person including relatives, friends, or even neighbours. Whoever might be the informant he can be of utmost use in the research.

It is important to know that the format of death certificate changed in the year 1969. Certain additions for made like the date and place of birth of the deceased for family research. It is often believed that such information can be of the utmost importance when it comes to matching.

Let’s move ahead and understand in detail certain important information acquired through death certificate.

What Is The Importance Of Death Certificate In Family Research?
What Is The Importance Of Death Certificate In Family Research?

Cause Of Death Can Help In Research

The cause of death of your ancestor is of utmost importance in your research. This will help you find out whether your ancestor was suffering from a certain disease or died due to accident.

Moreover, if the cause of death is an accident you can search through the old newspapers in order to verify the truth.

Information About The Family’s Health History (Family Research)

In the medical cause of death section, you can find relevant information. This information includes whether or not a certain disease is passing on from generation to generation. Moreover, this can help you in being aware of the situation and prepare yourself from start. It is better to take precautions before the situation gets worse.

What Is The Importance Of Death Certificate In Family Research?
What Is The Importance Of Death Certificate In Family Research?

Is The Information Totally Reliable? (Family Research)

Another important question is whether or not the information provided on a death certificate is reliable. The answer to this is not always. Professional genealogists are well aware of the fact that each and every record contains some of the other errors.

However, this is the main reason why being aware of the person who provided information is considered important. Sometimes the lack of awareness is the reason why important facts are not mentioned.

These were some of the important facts regarding death certificates for family research. Considered as a vital record in genealogy. Death certificates act as the main source of information. Go ahead and obtain them today for further research.

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