MyHeritage DNA: Things You Must Know About

MyHeritage DNA comes under the top genealogy websites and was established in the year 2003. This company has spent years collecting relevant data that could help in family matches. This data includes census reports, photos, marriage certificates, etc.

One main thing that differentiates it from its rivals is the fact that it has more users outside us. You will be provided with a complete package of DNA testing and matching and free family tree software. You will end up obtaining all the relevant information of your ancestors living across the globe.

As we all know that nothing can be more accurate than DNA matches. MyHeritage DNA was launched in 2016 for proper research. DNA testing is comparatively more affordable than other genealogical websites.

What Things Should I Know About Pricing And DNA Collection?

For placing the order for a kit you need to provide certain details. These details include your year of birth and sex. Charges for a kit are $79 and shipping charges will be extra. You need to pay $12 for shipping. There is a certain benefit in ordering two kits together.

You need to pay half shipping charges. Moreover, on order of 3 or more kits shipping is free. Place the order according to your preference. Furthermore, choose your display name and agree to the terms and conditions.

MyHeritage DNA: Things You Must Know About This Company
MyHeritage DNA: Things You Must Know About This Company

You will most likely receive the kit within a week. Once you receive the kit you will find two swabs and two vials of a stabilizing solution. You will notice cotton tips and plastic arms on the swabs. Place the swab in the solution once you have swabbed a sample.

Snap off the plastic part by pressing it against the inner threads of the viral. Furthermore, always keep scissors by your side for the same purpose. Once you are done, place the samples in the envelope provided.

In a few weeks, you will be provided with the results. You will see a dramatic representation of your results in your email. Do not be surprised if it shows a slight variation in the result as compared to other websites. It is a trustworthy website as it has millions of users and family trees.

You will Discover new family matches. Moreover, you will also get an estimate of your ethnicity breakdown. Although it is not as developed as other genealogical websites like Ancestry DNA but it is rapidly growing.

MyHeritage DNA: Things You Must Know About This Company
MyHeritage DNA: Things You Must Know About This Company

Some Important Points

  • MyHeritage DNA is known for its quick results. It takes only 4 weeks for providing you with the DNA results while other companies take a minimum of 8 weeks.
  • The database is not restricted to US or UK you are likely to find information from all over the world. Therefore, it is known to maintain a diverse genealogical database.
  • It allows third-party data upload for free.
  • Other than DNA test you are also exposed to various other advantages. You can refer to the existing family trees and a database of billions of users.

These were some of the main reasons why you should go for MyHeritage DNA. You will end up finding various different information and facts. Therefore, if you are thinking about it then it’s time to take some real action.

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