Important Information Related To Genealogy And Family History

The term genealogy means understanding the history of your family. Everything related to the study of your ancestors comes under genealogy. The way they managed to survive in the world, find food, shelter, etc. Moreover, the reason why people are interested to know more about their ancestors is to have a better knowledge of their culture and heritage.

You will study your parents, your parent’s parents, and the cycle goes on. The main aim is to understand their stories in detail. It is a little bit difficult when it comes down to joining the pieces of your family’s history together. But once you are done with the task you will have a better sense of knowledge about your family.

What Is The Difference Between Family History And Genealogy?

The entire focus of genealogy is on understanding the history of all your ancestors. The total understanding of the relationships by gathering documents to prove the facts.

On the other hand, family history focuses on having a deep understanding of a few people in history. Overall the entire process is the same but the difference lies in one thing. Whether your target is to acquire little knowledge about a lot of people or a lot of knowledge about a few people.

Important Information Related To Genealogy And Family History
Important Information Related To Genealogy And Family History

If you are thinking about improving your overall knowledge then the best time to start is now. Do not wait until your grandparents are gone and you don’t have much information to rely on. Moreover, it is not a difficult task to manipulate information. People often do it on purpose.

The Right Method Of Organising The Information

There are various different methods of organizing the information you find. You need to go for the method that suits you the best.

The first method you can use is to make files and folders of specific surnames you are researching. You might put everything on a computer but arranging your thoughts on paper can be a great option as well. Once you are done with the preparation of files and folders arrange them in a storage box or a cabinet.

The next option is used for the information on the computer. There are various different programs for genealogists. But as a beginner, you should opt for a less complicated program.

Among the variety, you are likely to find free and expensive programs. Always keep in mind that the more a program costs, the better its features are. In case you change your mind later you always have the option of exporting your family tree from one program to another.

Important Information Related To Genealogy And Family History
Important Information Related To Genealogy And Family History

Always Use Maiden Names

It is important to note that a woman’s name changes twice or even thrice in her entire life. You should always use her Maiden or birth name in the records. Moreover in the case of a Child Adoption, the same should be followed.

These were some of the basic things that you need to know about genealogy. Once you start with the process you will realize it is very interesting. You might be shocked by certain facts that you find out during your study. So go ahead and start today.

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