Genealogy: What Are The Mistakes One Must Avoid During Research?

People often talk about the steps that you must follow in order to obtain maximum information about your ancestors through genealogy. But they rarely talk about the mistakes that you should avoid.

At the beginning of your genealogical research, you are likely to make some mistakes. But what if you can avoid the commonly made mistakes? Today we will talk about all such mistakes that beginners usually make. Once you understand it in detail you can avoid making the same.

Not asking the right questions to the living relatives

Living relatives can be a source of valuable information. You can talk to them about your ancestors, the place of origin, the way they lived, the legacies they left behind and much more.

You might not find answers to each and every question but they can provide you with clues for your further research. Therefore, if you are confused about where to start this can be a great option.

Make sure you prepare a proper list of questions before you visit them. This will ensure that you do not miss any important questions. If you are confused about what to ask then you can search it online.

Genealogy: What Are The Mistakes One Must Avoid During Research?

Every print record is not necessarily correct

It is important to note every record or information that is available in print is not necessarily true. There can be errors in those records as well. Most of the professional genealogists I have noticed that every print record contains minor errors. Therefore, it is essential to check them with facts for proper assurance.

Relation To A Famous Ancestor Due To Similar Surnames (Genealogy)

The main reason why certain individuals start with genealogical research is because of the assumption that they are related to someone famous. But it is important to note that you might end up disappointing yourself.

Two people have the same surname but there are possibilities of no relation at all. On the flip side, there are slight possibilities of you being related to them. But if it is the only reason then chances of disappointment are more.

People Believe That Genealogy Is All About Names And Dates

If you are only involved in jotting down names and dates of your ancestors then you need to understand it is much more than that. You need to obtain detailed information about the life of your ancestors.

Genealogy is all about collecting as much information as you can through various resources.

Genealogy: What Are The Mistakes One Must Avoid During Research?

Be Aware Of Fake Stories (Genealogy)

It is not necessary that all the stories you hear about your ancestors are true. Some of them might be far away from the facts. This doesn’t mean you should avoid stories at all but you need to make sure you research properly for estimating the accuracy.

These are some of the commonly made mistakes. If you want your genealogical research to be successful then make sure you avoid these mistakes.

Try to collect as many facts as you can about your ancestors and then relate them to the stories that you heard. In the end, genealogy is interesting and if you invest time and effort you will surely see the results.

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