Facts About 23andme Personal Genetic Service You Must Know About

23andme personal genetic service is a service that provides you with a deep insight into your DNA. It explains in detail what information can you expect to obtain about you and your ancestors through DNA.

There is a large variety of information that can be obtained through DNA. This is the main reason why people think twice before going for a DNA test. The information can be easily misused by companies.

Before you use the saliva collection kit certain things must be kept in mind. Moreover, it must be kept in mind that various different health conditions have nothing to do with sample collection.

A pregnant woman, a person with flu, etc. can easily provide saliva samples. But if you are undergoing chemotherapy under which white blood cells in your body reduces than you must wait for some time. You must wait until the count has reached back to normal.

Facts About 23andme Personal Genetic Service You Must Know About
Facts About 23andme Personal Genetic Service You Must Know About

Some Important Facts

  • The kit is easy to use and information related to usage is provided along with the kit. Here are some additional things you must keep in mind.
  • Before providing the sample do not eat, smoke, brush, or use mouthwash. You must not do the above-mentioned things 30 minutes prior to providing a sample.
  • You must collect only the recommended volume of saliva. Not more not less than that. Usually, it is recommended to collect 2 ml saliva.
  • Make sure you do not remove the plastic film from funnel lid.
  • Do not stop spitting saliva until it reaches the given line.
  • Do not take more than 30 minutes for saliva collection. If you take more than the required time the quality of DNA might be at stake.
  • Make sure you seal it properly before mailing it.
  • If releasing the required saliva is a troublesome task for you due to the problem of dry mouth then you can use some methods. Imagine sour foods such as lemon in your mind or think about your favourite dish. This is the best method of mouth-watering.

What To Expect?

Once you have mailed the sample to the lab you will be provided with the analysis report in a few weeks. Studies have shown that this 23andme personal genetic service kit has never disappointed customers.

People often order it for their kids as well. Go ahead and purchase this kit today as you will surely unravel many shocking facts. There are many relations that went unnoticed due to the lack of proper information. This is the main reason why DNA testing is gaining more and more importance nowadays.

Moreover, ancestral history can easily be assessed by this test.

Facts About 23andme Personal Genetic Service You Must Know About
Facts About 23andme Personal Genetic Service You Must Know About

The Bottom Line (23andme personal genetic service)

Studies have also shown that 23andme has in-depth knowledge acquired from various different sources. Once you get indulged into it you will surely see it going beyond your expectations.

The best part about 23andme personal genetic service is that it prioritizes the accuracy of the information provided to its customers. You will find more reliable information that most of the genealogical companies.

Therefore, if you are thinking about it then it’s time to take action. Go ahead and shock yourself by revealing unexpected yet beneficial information.

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