Ancestry Vs MyHeritage DNA: Which Genealogical Website Is Better?

We all come across a point in our life where we want to obtain information about our ancestors. Some people prefer researching through the records available at home. Other people opt for genealogical websites that provide relevant information.

Today we will talk about two such popular genealogical websites. People are often confused between these two websites- Ancestry and MyHeritage DNA. Let’s move ahead and talk about the major point of differences that will help you choose the better genealogical website.

It is important to note that ancestry DNA is considered as the oldest and most trustworthy company. On the other hand, MyHeritage is a new competitor in the market but contains some of the most reliable information. Moreover, none of them should be taken lightly as they both have some of the other strong points.

Let’s move ahead and talk about the pros and cons of ancestry DNA.

Ancestry Vs MyHeritage DNA: Which Genealogical Website Is Better?
Ancestry Vs MyHeritage DNA: Which Genealogical Website Is Better?

Pros Of Ancestry DNA (Genealogical Website)

  • It contains a database of approximately 6 million DNA tests thereby implying that you are more likely to obtain relevant information here.
  • It has a very strong community since it has been established for many years.
  • Ancestry DNA provides the option of linking your results to your family tree.


  • It offers only an autosomal DNA test.
  • It does not provide the option of uploading raw data obtained from other websites.

As we are now well aware of the pros and cons of ancestry DNA let’s move ahead to MyHeritage DNA.


  • MyHeritage DNA has a huge database of international customers.
  • Various different features including the chromosome browser make it different.
  • Instead of a saliva test, MyHeritage DNA provides a cheek swab test.


  • In comparison to ancestry, it has a small database.
  • Ancestry is known to cover 150 regions. On the flip side, MyHeritage DNA covers only 42 regions.

As we all know that DNA test is growing popularity with every passing day. The best and the worst part is that we have so many different options to choose from.

Furthermore, this can lead to confusion as every different website has its own benefits. Therefore, you need to shift your target to the one with the maximum benefits and results. Let’s move ahead and have a look at some more features to make the right decision.

The most important thing to note is both the companies of autosomal DNA test only. Therefore, if you are in search of the other two DNA tests none of them is helpful.

Ancestry Vs MyHeritage DNA: Which Genealogical Website Is Better?
Ancestry Vs MyHeritage DNA: Which Genealogical Website Is Better?

The main reason why people go for the autosomal test because autosomal DNA is inherited from all our ancestors. Therefore, only this test is useful in the case of genealogy.

Ethnicity estimates can help you identify the regions where your ancestors lived. Both ancestry and MyHeritage DNA provide reliable estimates. Moreover, the only difference is that ancestry DNA is known to cover more regions.

The Bottom Line (Genealogical Website)

These were some of the main points of difference that can help you make the right choice. You must keep in mind that both of these genealogical websites are gaining popularity across the market. Furthermore, think it through and choose the right genealogical website.

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