5 Interesting Facts About The Ever-Growing Company

More than millions of people are indulged in research about their family history. People are getting more and more interested in genealogy. This is the main reason why the use of consumers’ genealogy kits is increasing day by day. It has turned more into a hobby for people. Why wouldn’t it be? It is more interesting than you think. Today we will talk about the facts of one of the most well-known genealogy website

Ancestry Was The First Digital Genealogy Service

Yes, that’s right. No other genealogical company thought about providing Digital Services. In 1995, ancestry became the first genealogical company to register the domain name Although the fact that it spent years in acquiring the required skills and knowledge for getting their business online cannot be ignored. 5 Interesting Facts About The Ever-Growing Company 5 Interesting Facts About The Ever-Growing Company

It Is The World’s Largest DNA Network

In 2012, the company thought and implemented the expansion of its products and services. It included the ancestry DNA database. Today, millions of people are connected to it which is the main reason why it has the world’s largest DNA records. Soon many high profile companies joined hands with the ever-growing company.

A 2 million Records Are Included Every Single Day (

Studies have found that more than 2 million records are added to the website every single day. It is not easy to keep a record of an enormous amount of information. In the last few years, more than 20 billion records are included on the website. Moreover, in the last 5 years, the company has shown tremendous growth and Broke all the growth records.

By seeing the continued growth of the company we can say that the same will be maintained in the coming years as well. The company has never failed to capture the market. This is the main reason why most of the popular genealogical companies try their best to compete with ancestry.

It Maintains A Huge Database (

As we now know that it maintains a huge database you are more likely to discover important facts. It is widely known to maintain a database of more than 80 countries. Hundred million family trees are created on ancestry and more than 11 billion ancestral profiles.

The users of also get access to scanned documents, photographs, and written stories. In the end, you will definitely find something. The chances of disappointment are very less. 5 Interesting Facts About The Ever-Growing Company 5 Interesting Facts About The Ever-Growing Company

A Free Version Of Is Available (

You will find a large number of databases on the free version of as well. If you have never used a genealogical website before then you must go for the free version first. You will encounter more than 800 free databases on the website.

Moreover, you might not get total access to the database on the free version. But once you are well versed with it you can think about investing money. In the end, like any other business, it will get you hooked by the free access. Before you even know you would have invested in it.

These were some of the main facts related to Go ahead and try the free version first. If you think it is reliable then invest your money in it.

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