Ancestry Or 23andme- Which Company Should You Opt?

There are various DNA tests available but choosing the right one is of utmost importance. Today we will talk about two of the most famous companies 23andme and Ancestry. There are so many people who are confused between both of them.

Here are all those points which will clear your confusion and help you in making the right choice for a DNA test.

Some Major Points Of Difference

  • When it comes down to ethnicity results both of the sources are reliable.
  • As we all know that in terms of database ancestry is the better option as it has a large customer database. Millions of records are available that could be of utmost help. On the other hand, 23andme has a comparatively less database collection. You are more likely to find family matches in case of ancestry.
  • If you’re looking out for health and Wellness reports then ancestry is of no help to you.23andme is the only website that provides this report for some extra fee.

Types Of Tests Available

It is important to know that ancestry provides only one test that is autosomal DNA. This DNA is passed on from generation to generation. Moreover, this information can tell you about 6-8 generations which are usually considered sufficient.

Genealogists usually target 8 generations only in their research.

Ancestry Or 23andme- Which Company Should You Opt?
Ancestry Or 23andme- Which Company Should You Opt?

On the flip side, 23andme offers the other two types of DNA tests as well. These tests include mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome DNA. You can easily identify information related to your haplogroups using both of these tests.

However, this can help you find information related to the Migration of your family in the past. If you are looking out for more thorough results related to both of these tests then you can also go for family tree DNA. Other than this, the health and Wellness reports provided by this website can be of great use.

Connection To Living Relatives (Ancestry Or 23andme)

The main objective of genealogical research is to connect with living relatives. Both of these websites help you in finding your Living relatives around the world.

Moreover, it is important to note that the only relatives who are being tested will appear in the search results. If you are thinking about finding all of them then it is not certainly possible.

Another important thing to note is that you need to agree for sharing your results with the company before you can find anyone. There is no need to worry as only the close genetic matches will be disclosed your information.

Moreover, the basic information that is shared is your phone number and email address.

Ancestry Or 23andme- Which Company Should You Opt?
Ancestry Or 23andme- Which Company Should You Opt?

If you are thinking about the company which is best for linking you to your relative then ancestry is the one. The entire focus of ancestry is on family history and connections.

It is all about genealogy. The main and the only reason why people connect with us company is to search for their living relatives. On the other hand, medical reports aur health screening can be a reason for connecting with 23andme. Moreover, more emphasis is given to this rather than the genealogical aspect.

These were some of the main points you need to keep in mind before going for the selection. Before the DNA test, you need to make sure what is your motive behind getting tested. The best option is to go for Ancestry if you are willing to go deep in your family history.

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