10 Best Genealogical Websites for Beginners

Genealogical Websites

Genealogy is an excellent matter because, through it, we can trace our history. We can find out our ancestry, and it can be displayed in narrative charts. Accordingly, it is possible through interviews, genetic reviews, and other methods.

There are many reasons why we must research our family history. Some are for personal and scholarly matters. With this, Genealogy is helpful to everyone. If you are trying to look from family members, you can start with this one.

There are many genealogical websites available for use to everyone, from beginners to professionals. These range from grave-finding sites to online genealogy records. We here have compiled the best genealogical websites for use among beginners.

Use these websites to know more about yourself today. Begin your journey today.

Genealogical Websites for Beginners

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This subscription website contains massive amounts of data, amounting to 15 million DNA profiles, 100 million family trees, and 11 billion old records. What’s more, many USA libraries also offer free access to the Library Edition of the website to the public.


The most excellent free genealogy website in the world has 7 billion records that can be name-searched and additional billions of documents that can be trawled through. It is accessible on the web and as an application. You can try either of the two to search for your family members and make a grand family tree.


This website has access to 5 billion records and DNA Testing. My Heritage.com concentrates on Jewish and European lineages. With the help of your DNA, the site can match you and reveal your background. You only need to pay for it, which is a downfall.


This genealogy website contains millions of government records found in the British Isles, such as censuses and criminal records. This website is a must for those with British ancestry.


Even though it is famous for its medical gene testing, 23andMe also counts as a genealogy website due to the number of DNA profiles it has access to, numbering at around 10 million. It mostly concentrates on genetically constructing your family tree.


This genealogy website helps users find relatives through DNA profiles by having access to 15 million DNA profiles. Besides, its Genetic Communities can help in finding ancestral migration patterns.

Family Tree DNA

Besides offering the standard autosomal DNA testing, this genealogy website also offers paternal line testing( for male users) and maternal line testing( for both genders).


This genealogy website hosts billions of GPS-tagged tombstone images. Also, users can upload pictures which provide further information on the tombstone’s owner. Subscribers can access cemetery maps, alerts for previous searches, and better mapping.


This genealogical website hosts more than 11,000 newspaper titles. Contained within these newspapers are such records as Obituaries and Marriage Notices, serving as another source of information.


This genealogical website specializes in African-American ancestry and allows users to communicate with one another. It has marriage, death, surname, and slave databases.

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